Getting Over a Summer Funk


I know summer just began, but I’m already feeling like it’s having a major effect on my productivity. I’m typically working on several projects at once during our homeschool year. Yet here I am, barely surviving a slow work season. I don’t know if it’s the weather, or if the end of our homeschool year… 

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My Top 3 Favorite Podcasts


Hi. My name is Jesenia, and I’m a podcast addict. Nope, I’m not even kidding. The obsession is very real. I discovered podcasts several years ago, and I’ve listened to countless episodes and counting. I don’t stick to any specific categories, and I subscribe to podcasts that range from homeschooling to business. Today, however, I want… 

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How I Plan to Slow Down This Summer


Yesterday was officially our last day of school. My daughter wrapped up her final exams last week, and my son completed his last day of homeschool. I know it’s not summer yet, but in our home, it has “unofficially” arrived. I’ve decided that this summer I would slow things down, and simply enjoy the season. Here’s… 

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