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4 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business Grow

4 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business Grow-Should you start a blog for your business? Find out how a blog can help boost your sales and set you apart from your competitors!

I know this post is not my typical recipe or home organizing post, but I know many of you are women that either own a business or thinking about starting one. If you own an Etsy shop, a retail store or virtual business, you might wonder if starting a blog is even worth the effort.

So should you start a blog for your business? Yes, yes and yes! Why? Here are four ways blogging can help your business grow:

4 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business Grow

1. It helps build a relationship with your customers.

In my opinion, blogging is the #1 way to build a relationship with your customers. Yes, social media sites are a great way to connect, but the reality is that whatever you post on a social media site will not get viewed the majority of the time. So unless you’re posting several times a day, what you share may not be reaching the majority of your followers. However, a blog provides your customers a place where they can connect with your business without all the distractions of social media. You can also use it to gain customer feedback and reviews to help improve your business.

2. It keeps your business relevant.

A website is a great way to provide information, but a blog will give you a platform to keep your business in the spotlight. Did you know that fresh content helps websites rank higher on Google? Yup, blogging can help boost your SEO. Blogging will give you a space where you can provide your customers with product updates and information they’ll be interested in. The bottom line is that you want to make sure that your blog is keeping your business on your customers minds and building your brand.

3. It’s a great marketing tool.

Blogging is a another great way to market your product or service. By increasing traffic to your site, you will build your web presence. You will be able to reach a larger audience which could convert into more sales. Make sure that you link your latest product or service at least once in each of your posts. Yes, you want to provide great information and connect with your customers, but the bottom line is that you want to help your business make money in the process.

4. It helps you stand out from your competitors.

Blogging will help your business set itself apart from its competition. You can stand out in your industry by providing useful information to your customers. This will help your business be viewed as an expert, which will help build your credibility. Whatever you do, make sure that what you blog about is somehow related to your industry. If you own a business that sells spaghetti sauce, post recipes that can use your sauce as an ingredient. In other words, don’t blog about books if your goal is to sell t-shirts!

Have you created a blog for your business? What are some of the benefits that you have found? I’d love to hear from you!

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