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7 Morning Hacks for Busy School Days

No more stressing on school days! Easy hacks to help you eliminate the busy morning rush on while keeping your kids on track!

I have a love/hate relationship with the back-to-school season. Like most parents, I’m excited that my kids are back to a daily routine and that I’m finally able to hear my own thoughts. Silence is truly golden my friends.

However, I’m not a fan that my mornings now consist of trying to peel kids from their bed, making sure they look presentable to the world and have taken a bite of something edible before they even head out the door.

I’m not a morning person. Like not even a little. Nada.

That being said, I do follow a general routine to make my mornings a bit easier so that I feel less stabby.

Start the night before

There are a few things that are simply non-negotiable in our home:

  • My kids always shower/bathe the night before.
  • We don’t allow them to stay up past their set bedtimes (they already have a hard time waking up).
  • The kids are responsible for picking out their outfit and school snacks.
  • I get myself to bed at a semi-decent time if possible.

Go through their backpacks

I go through my kids’ backpacks every single night because, despite their best efforts, something always seems to get left in their bags. This way I’m not rushing to complete forms and/or address things that need my attention at the last minute.

Have your kids pick out their clothes

Even my 5-year-old knows how to pick out an outfit. There are days she has PE class and thinks flip flops are appropriate. That’s when I step in to provide some guidance, but for the most part, my kids do their own thing. 

Prep lunches

Every night I have my daughter pick out her drink and lunch snacks so that I can start putting her lunch box together. The next day, everything is ready to go. Boom.

Wake up before the kids

Personally, I need a moment of silence every morning just to be in my own head and enjoy my coffee in peace. This part of my routine helps me function better since I have time to fully “wake up” and gather myself. 

Keep breakfast simple

Don’t overcomplicate things. Kids don’t care if it’s homemade, comes from a box, or if it was frozen. Since my kids get bored easily, I like to give them a few options so that they have zero excuses to not eat. Our go-to are frozen waffles, pancake and sausage sticks, cereal or dad’s scrambled eggs. 

Don’t try to do it all

When I feel like I’m struggling, I like to remind my family that I am mom, not a martyr. Taking care of our family is a team effort and everyone in our home has to pick up their own weight to help our home function.

My husband also helps every morning and takes care of school drop-offs. They are his kids so he’s doing me no favors. 

If your kids are not babies, they are more than capable of getting ready with little to no help. I know it’s tempting to step in and help, kids can usually do more than we give them credit for.

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