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CAUSEBOX-A Box That Matters

CAUSEBOX-A Box That Matters. A look at the CAUSEBOX by Sevenly, what it includes, and how it gives back to organizations that are making a difference.

Right before heading out to Florida last week, I received a CAUSEBOX by Sevenly. Now before I show you all the goodies that came in my box, let me tell you why it’s so important for me to support organizations like the ones that are supported by CAUSEBOX.

Many years ago, I faced a lot of struggles and hurdles as a single teen mom. I know what it’s like to financially struggle and not know where your next meal will come from. I know the feeling of hopelessness and wondering if someone even cares enough to lend a hand. These experiences have given me empathy towards others and I also know that unless we act, “feeling sorry” for someone won’t make a difference. I love that CAUSEBOX recognizes that People Matter and makes it their mission to do so.

It’s easy to forget in the busyness of each day that there are others that need our help. That there’s more to life than work, household chores and acquiring stuff. I personally don’t ever want to become so consumed with my own life, that I forget to be there for others. The CAUSEBOX by Sevenly gives back by donating 7% to a different charity each quarter. If you decide to support a specific charity through your subscription, you have the option to pick from several charity partners. This is a subscription box that not only includes beautiful products, but will also donate to organizations that I want to support. Win-win.

So what’s in the CAUSEBOX? The CAUSEBOX includes a seasonal selection of socially conscious products for women with a total retail value of $150. The items are beautiful and all have a story behind them. Each CAUSEBOX sells for $49.95/quarter. I received CAUSEBOX02 which included the following:

A Turkish Towel, which is one of my favorite items from the CAUSEBOX. It’s flat woven in Turkey and perfect for outings since it’s fast-drying and easy to pack. It’s one of those uniques pieces you know you won’t find anywhere else.

Another favorite is the “Fighting Hunger” necklace by the organization HALF UNITED. Their mission is to use fashion to provide aid for world hunger. They donate half of their profits from every product to global hunger relief efforts. This necklace is made with recycled bullet casings and it’s definitely a conversation starter.

The Tribe Alive bracelet was snagged by my teen daughter. It’s a beaded bracelet made exclusively for Sevenly and handmade by women in Honduras under fair trade working conditions. Each piece contributes towards community development and job creation in developing countries.

Another item that my daughter ended up with was this Denik “Be The Change” Journal. A portion from every notebook goes towards funding school in developing countries.

My oldest daughter just recently went on her first missionary trip to Guatemala. I wanted her to have this journal so she could start recording her experiences from trip. I know it won’t be her last missionary trip and that she’ll have many experiences to write about. This journal is perfect to help her record her life changing experiences.

There was also some goodies such as these Smarty Pants vitamins travel packets and Good Spread Peanut Butter & Honey packet.

I also received this fun “Today is a Good Day” cling which I plan on putting on my bathroom mirror. A great reminder to cherish each day and start with a positive outlook. If you want to see how fun the cling is, check out the hashtag #sevenlyselfie on Instagram.
Do you enjoy subscription boxes? I personally think they are fun since you never know what you’ll get each time. I also think they make great gifts, and this particular box takes it even further by giving back generously to underprivileged communities, helping provide jobs and sustainable income in underdeveloped areas. They also raise awareness for different charitable initiatives, empower people, help people, or otherwise make the world a better place, and are made ethically. To find out more about the ongoing efforts and mission of CAUSEBOX check them out online or Instagram.

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Saturday 16th of May 2015

This is why I love your blog! Thank you for being so open and honest and for sharing this amazing service!

Warm Regards, Alexandra