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Hersheypark Attractions the Entire Family Can Enjoy

I’ve partnered with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts as a #SweetestMoms for 2017 to bring you the latest news from the Sweetest Place on Earth. All opinions and experiences are my own.

As Hersheypark season pass holders, we try to visit the park as often as possible. My children’s ages range from 3 through 18, so finding rides that we all can enjoy can be challenging. This is one of the many reasons I love Hersheypark. Not only can the older kids enjoy the thrill rides and the preschool the kiddie rides, but as a family, we can all have fun together. Today I want to share my favorite family rides at Hersheypark. This list is in no way an indication of what the park has to offer families. Hersheypark offers more than I have listed here, but I wanted to share the rides we enjoy the most. 🙂

Hersheypark Attractions the Entire Family Can Enjoy


I’m going to kick off the list with my all-time favorite amusement park ride – the Whip. I experienced the Whip for the first time as a child and I still love it just the same. There’s also a kid-sized version for smaller kids and my preschooler laughs the entire time she’s on it. The turns are sharp, but it’s a smooth ride and worth the try.

Ferris Wheel

This classic ride is one of my kids’ favorite and a great way to relax since the ride is fairly slow. The Ferris Wheel is close to The Boardwalk so during the summer season you’re able to get a good view of the water action.

Twin Turnpike

This is a ride that never gets old for my kids. Even my 13-year-old enjoys taking the wheel and “driving”. You have the option of cruising in a Classic Car or a Sports Car. Both are fun, but my personal preference is the Classic Cars.

Kissing Tower

The Kissing Tower is a Hersheypark staple and the first ride my preschooler spots when we’re staying at the Hershey Lodge. You can get a great view of the park, a view of Hershey town, and even share a kiss with someone special.


No visit to Hersheypark is complete without a ride on the Carrousel. This is the ride that kicks off our visits and the last ride we get on before leaving. This is also one of my preschooler’s favorite rides, but I think it has to do with the fact that it was the first amusement park ride she experienced.

Riding the Carrousel for the first time with my brother

Coal Cracker

A water flume ride with turns, dips, and a fun plunge at the end makes this a must for families. My kids ride it multiple times during the summer hoping they get a big splash at the end. Consider buying the photo captured during the plunge, it makes a great family souvenir.


The monorail is a round-trip tour where you can view Hersheypark, ZooAmerica, and even some of downtown Hershey. If you’ve never been to the park before, I suggest riding this one first so you’ll get a feel for the park’s layout.


If you want a ride that’s relaxing with great park views, then Skyview is the ride for you. The ride fits three people max and it’s a fun way to take a break from the park’s thrill rides. It’s also where I’ve taken some great photos.

Photo taken during the Skyview ride during sunset


If your kids like rides that spin, they’ll love Tilt-A-Whirl. This ride is located next to the Carrousel. It’s another classic ride that I enjoyed as a child and now I get to enjoy it with my own kids.


My preschooler is currently obsessed with the Trailblazer ride. It’s a coaster that even kids can enjoy. Lots of moderate dips and turns, but nothing a thrill-loving child can’t handle. We love roller coasters around here, so it’s great to find one that my 3-year-old can enjoy with us.

What are your favorite family rides at Hersheypark? I’d love to hear from you!

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