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How I Keep Flying Insects Away

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Zevo Flying Insect Trap. The opinions and text are all mine.

During the summer, my kids like to lounge on the sofa and read for hours. It’s one of their favorite things to do over school break and I don’t mind one bit. I love that our humble home offers a space for my family to unwind. Our living room is where my kids spend the bulk of their time, so I like to keep pillows and blankets readily available for them to use. I also created a nook for myself where I sit to read and sometimes get work done. It’s the small things that bring me peace and joy.

Keeping our space cozy and inviting for my family is something I enjoy. So imagine how I feel every time I have to swat mosquitoes or moths while I’m trying to relax. I’ve recently noticed these uninvited visitors, and I’m not a fan. They make their way in through the entryway since it’s located near the living room. We’re also surrounded by farmland, so that combined with the warmer temperatures amplifies the problem.

My kids have suffered from respiratory problems in the past so chemical insecticides are out of the question. I’m also busy and tend to forget things, so a solution that is worry-free is a must. Thankfully, I recently learned about Zevo Flying Insect Trap which is a new plug-in that eliminates flying insects.

How does Zevo work?

  1. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet. Leave it plugged in 24/7.
  2.  Zevo will attract the insects with its UV and blue light.
  3.  The insects will get trapped in the adhesive.
  4.  Once the cartridge is full, toss it and replace with a new cartridge.

I love that it’s easy to use, chemical-insecticide-free, mess-free and doesn’t smell. I placed one Zevo plug-in in the living room area that’s near the entryway and the second one in my kitchen near the patio door. I recommend testing out different areas in your home to ensure that you place your Zevo plug-in near a location where insects get in or gather.

Zevo provides day-after-day insect protection for our family in a natural effective way without compromising my family’s health. For me, that’s a win-win! You can learn more about how Zevo works and order online at their website!

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