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How To Love Your Imperfect Home

How To Love Your Imperfect Home.

Today I’m over at Club 31 Women sharing about How To Love Your Imperfect Home.

I’ll be honest, this was not easy for me to share because it’s an area that I’ve struggled with for many years. I was never satisfied with the home we lived in. Whether it was the size of the home, the location, or cosmetic things. There was always something I wasn’t happy with.

It wasn’t until I was able to embrace the qualities of my home and see it with a grateful heart, that I was finally able to love my home. It also enabled me to appreciate what we’ve been blessed with during this season of our lives. Here’s a small snippet of my post and I hope you’ll join me over at Club 31 Women to read the rest:

I remember the day we moved to our current home.

The carpets needed a good cleaning, the fixtures were dated, and my master bedroom was half the size of my previous one. I knew all of this when we decided to make this our new home. However, I still found myself looking for imperfections and making mental lists of all of our future weekend projects.

The funny thing is that this home was an upgrade from our last place.

Our previous home had foundation issues, the basement would flood when it rained, and the walls were splitting. The home was literally falling apart.

So why was I not elated about our new place?

Join me at Club 31 Women to continue reading.

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