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Increase Your Income Without Working Outside The Home

Want to contribute to your family's finances, but can't work outside the home? Check out this list of great income producing ideas that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

When I stopped working, we were able to work things out and live on one income. However, I wanted to help increase our income to get financially ahead and have a small cushion. I was able to do this by offering virtual assistant services, and eventually I transitioned into blogging. I’m blessed to be able to help our family without leaving the home. Today I wanted to share some ideas that can help you increase your family’s income without working outside the home. Some are simple changes that will free up money in your budget, while others can easily become a thriving business.

Increase Your Income Without Working Outside The Home

Find budget leaks

The first thing I did when we lost my income was make a list of our expenses and look for leaks. Budget leaks are those expenses that cost you money, but you often don’t even realize. These are memberships you’ve forgotten about, late fees, coffee at the gas station and pretty much any expense that is not necessity. This will immediately free up money that your family could use in another area.

Sell your stuff

The best way to bring some quick cash into the home is by selling your stuff. The great thing is that you’re only limited by what you’re willing to get rid of. I’m currently preparing to consign a ton of my children’s clothes and make some extra cash for Christmas. Go through every nook in the home and start listing items for sale. You can either have a yard sale or sell it online. I can assure you that even the items that might be junk to you, will sell for the right price.


Sell your talent

I realize that this is still work, but trust me it won’t feel like it. When you have a talent like baking, creating crafts or perhaps teaching, you can make money from it. Take advantage of your talents and use them to bring in some extra cash into the home. I’m fluent in Spanish, and for several years I had a sideline business where I would work as an interpreter/translator for local businesses. Even to this day I get asked if I want to take on new projects. You can sell your talents online through Etsy, for crafts, or Udemy if you want to teach a class.

Repurpose furniture

This is one that I’m thinking of dabbling in. I love repurposing furniture and it’s how I’ve furnished some rooms in our home. Check the free listings on Craigslist or drive through the neighborhood for free curb items. I find that at the end and beginning of the month you have better chances of finding furniture on the curb since this is when most people move. All you need is time and some painting supplies to transform your “trash” into a beautiful piece of furniture. List it for sale and enjoy the extra cash.


OK, you’re probably already groaning at this one, but hear me out. I personally find couponing extremely time consuming, but there are times when it can be worth the effort. I’ve acquired several free food items and other household products through couponing. Once you do it a few times, it becomes second nature. Even if you devote a few hours a week to searching, cutting and organizing coupons, it will pay off. Even $100 monthly savings can make a big difference when money is tight. Check out this post and learn how I work gas rewards points to get free stuff.

Plant a garden

I don’t have a green thumb. I plant things and it disappears into the black hole of gardening. It’s a sad thing considering my mom is the total opposite. But if you’ve been blessed with this gift, you will benefit from taking the time to plant a garden. Not only will you be able to use your own herbs and produce at home, you also have the option to sell them. Do you prefer flowers and plants? No problem! You can also sell those to make some extra cash. This is truly a great way to use your outdoor space and talent to help your family financially.



As a blogger I couldn’t skip this one. Freelance writing is a legitimate way to make an income from home. If you enjoy writing and are knowledgeable on a topic or two, you can sell articles to bloggers and sites that need content. I’ve seen articles sold for $25, and others well over $100. Who you sell it to and how long/complex the article is will determine the price. I currently do some freelance writing for a couple of brands and it has helped contribute to our family’s income. You can also consider blogging. Although it can take a little longer to see a regular income, it’s not impossible.

Sell your photos

Do you take great photos? You might want to consider selling your photos. I love photography and I’m always looking for ways to improve. However, I can’t always get the nice crisp shots found in a stock photo. Also, I don’t always have the items needed to create a great shot for a blog post. Other than my personal and food photographs, some of the photos on this blog (including in this post) are purchased from an online stock photo service. Sound intriguing? Check out this great post by The Penny Hoarder that explains it in great detail.

Have you done any of these? Any other tips you want to add? Feel free to comment and share with others!

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  1. Oh man, budget leaks can be a huge problem. We had forgotten to cancel our free trial with Hulu and were paying for it every month without even realizing it! And I really need to start my own garden. I just don’t know where to begin!