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Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

Fun and inexpensive gift ideas for teen girls! This post contains affiliate links. You may read my disclosure policy here.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Teen Girls-Fun and inexpensive gift ideas for teen girls. Buy them something they'll love without busting your budget. Lots of great gift ideas!

In the month of December, I have a teenage daughter I have to purchase birthday and Christmas gifts for. As most teens today, she likes everything she sees and often is not cheap. In our home, we don’t buy the kids expensive gadgets and toys throughout the year.

However, they’re allowed to ask for something they really want for their birthday and Christmas. I find that not only do they appreciate their gifts more, but I also don’t have to stress about what to buy them since they’ve been reminding me all year.

But today I want to share some great inexpensive gift ideas for teen girls (boys will be coming soon!) since not all gifts need to be pricey. Here are some of my favorites gift ideas for teen girls including some that I have personally purchased.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

Starbucks Gift Card or Coffee Mug

You can’t go wrong with Starbucks for a teen. A $5-$10 gift card or a fun coffee mug are both great gift ideas. I personally love this Confetti travel mug that’s available online and in-store.


My daughter loves journals. She owns several of them and always welcomes more. Choose fun patterns and add a fun pen to match. My favorite is this Wreck This Journal which includes quirky prompts for a new twist to journaling. Another fun journal option is the Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls.


What teen girl doesn’t love playing with make-up? A fun eyeshadow palett or lip gloss set set are always fun gifts that won’t bust your budget.

Phone Accessories

Most teens today own some type of smartphone. So a phone cas can be a great inexpensive gift that is both functional and fun. If your teen loves taking photos with their phone, you could also consider this fun camera lens attachment.


My daughter loves bracelets. So when I find bracelets that are cute and cheap, I make sure to snag it for a future birthday or Christmas. I’m loving these Leather Rope Chain Bracelet as well as this beautiful Silvertone Lord’s Prayer Bangle Bracelet.

Blanket Scarf

This scarf is a hot item this season and it’s very versatile. I even own one because I love how soft it is. There are several pattern and color options to choose from. You can find a variety blanket scarves on Amazon for a fraction of the cost that I’ve seen at other stores.

Digital Downloads

My teen loves music, but only in digital format. It’s funny how CD’s are now a thing of the past with this younger generation. An iTunes gift card or Amazon Music are great gifts that enable you to easily control the amount you spend.


John Green books are very popular amongst teen girls. But truthfully, you have to find out what authors/genres they like and go from there. I found this 3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls which I know my daughter will love.

Fun Socks

Teen fashion is hard to understand, and personally I don’t try to. However, I know that I can’t go wrong with gifting my daughter a fun pair of socks. Check out these winter wool sock that come in fun colors and patterns.

Beauty Products

Scented lotions, lip care products and any beauty product that comes in a fun scent will make a great gift. My personal picks are the EOS Lip Balm Collection or this fun Lip Balm Set. If you want to splurge a little, a Bath Bombs gift set is also a fun gift idea.

What are some of your favorite inexpensive gift ideas for teen girls? As always, I love hearing from you!

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