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Teacher Mason Jar Gift

Teacher Mason Jar Gift {Oreos}

It’s Saturday! Woot! I love the weekend, especially when I don’t have any major plans because I get to enjoy lazy days with my family. It’s also finally starting to warm up around here in Pennsylvania so I’m anxious to get outdoors. So did you know that this upcoming week is teacher appreciation week? Yup, …

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Baby Ruth Brownies

You know there’s always a candy that takes you back to your youth. Well this is one of them for me: Baby Ruth. The Baby Ruth candy bar is a classic; rich caramel, delicious nougat and peanuts covered in chocolatey goodness. Um, yes please! And although, it’s been said that it wasn’t named after the …

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Free Summer Activities For Kids

Free Summer Activities For Kids

I don’t now about you, but I’m super anxious for summer to arrive. Warm weather, yummy grilled food and lounging by the pool are all things I look forward to. So with summer quickly approaching I wanted to share with you some free activities that your kids can enjoy during the summer months. Free Summer …

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