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Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade + a Reverse Care Package

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute Maid as part of their #doingood campaign. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Motherhood is not easy. And as much as I try to avoid it, there are days that I struggle with mom guilt. Am I doing enough for my kids? Am I spending enough time with them? I want the best for my children, but some days I feel like I fall short. I feel guilty that I can’t measure up to what my mom did for me as a child. She worked endless hours yet still managed to cook a meal every night and keep the home spotless. As a mom, I often feel like I don’t measure up and the feelings of guilt come flooding back.

When I share these feelings with my mom she reminds me that I’m actually doing a great job. She shared with me her own struggles with mom guilt and that it’s normal to feel this way. She reminds me that I need to stop beating myself up because, in the end, my kids will turn out just fine. I know I will make mistakes throughout this journey, but having her in my corner makes the rough days a bit easier to handle.

Minute Maid recognizes that all parents wonder if they are doing a good enough job. Through the #doingood campaign, Minute Maid is reminding parents of all the wonderful things – big and small – they do to make a positive difference in their family’s lives on a regular basis.

Remember how our moms always sent us care packages when we needed one? With the help of Minute Maid, we’re reversing the tradition and making “reverse” care packages to remind parents just how much we appreciate them. Watch Minute Maid’s newest video and read on to see how I bring the idea to life (with a delicious recipe I think you’ll love).

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create a care package for my mom and share with her how grateful I am for her love and support.

We added a keepsake journal, candles and a jar of homemade granola. My youngest was thrilled to help mommy create a basket to surprise “mamá”.

I know that my mom’s favorite beverage is lemonade, so I also added all of the ingredients needed to create a delicious Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade (recipe below). I encourage you to help shine a light on all the great things parents do for their families by reminding a parent in your life they are #doingood with a reverse care package. Our gift basket and letter was a simple gesture, but it made a big impact on my mother.

Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade


1, 16.9 oz bottle of Minute Maid Sparkling Fizzy Lemonade
2 strawberries
1 kiwi
4-5 mint leaves


1. Cut strawberries into quarters, peel and cut kiwi into slices. Place fruit in a tall glass cup.
2. Pour a cold bottle of Minute Maid Sparkling Fizzy Lemonade.
3. Add mint leaves and stir. Garnish glass with additional fruit if desired. Serve cold and enjoy!

The fresh fruit and sparkling lemonade is the perfect combination for this refreshing drink. Even my kids wanted a “fancy drink” for themselves after sampling one.

I encourage you to visit Minute Maid online to find even more ways to remind all parents they are #doingoodPlus you could win a magical Walt Disney World vacation from Minute Maid! Visit for details. And in case no one has told you lately, YOU are #doingood. 🙂

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  1. I just found your blog after listening to you on the Brilliant Business Moms podcast. I love your blog and the tips you shared for those new bloggers out there like me!

    Thanks for sharing this post. My daughter and I will definitely have to try this lemonade!

    • Jesenia Montanez says:

      So glad you found the tips helpful! The lemonade is super easy to make and delicious. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂