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When Mommy Needs A Time Out

When Mommy Needs A Time Out

This has been a super crazy week. Our kitchen sink handle is broken, our hot water heater is acting weird, the dishwasher decided to start backing up and our refrigerator was not cooling properly. For a moment there I thought somebody was playing a cruel joke on me. On top of all those things, the kids started their fall sports and work has been busier than ever. Not how I expected my last month of summer to begin that’s for sure!

On a good note, we enjoyed a yummy dinner for my husband’s birthday earlier this week. Being out together and not thinking about things made me realize that I need to take some time out for myself.

I noticed that for a few days I was feeling a bit sick and would even doze off from exhaustion while sitting down. Not good. So from now on I’m making an effort to take a break for myself. Whether that means going out to a local coffee shoppe (without my laptop) or taking a long walk alone. I realize that if I don’t slow down I will miss out on some precious moments with my kids or that I might miss out on connecting with my husband because I’m too consumed with my to-do list.

So how do I plan to unwind? Here are some of my favorite ways to de-stress:

Sleep can seriously do wonders for your body and mind.

I find that simply having alone time with God helps me feel instantly better.

Meet with a friend-
Take the time to reconnect with a friend. It’s wonderful what some girl talk can do.

If you’re a book nerd like me, you’ll find that getting lost in a good book can be an awesome way to relieve some stress.

Go for a walk (or run)-
Heading outdoors it’s one of my favorite ways to unwind, plus it’s a great exercise!

Treat myself-
Head out to my favorite nail salon and pamper myself with a manicure or pedicure.

So mommas out there, what do you do when you need a time out? Do you make time for yourself? As always, I’d love to hear from you!

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