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Why you need to silence your inner critic

Why you need to silence your inner critic. Negative thoughts are like a virus. Don't let them hinder you from doing what you love and what you are passionate about.

The other day I found myself anxious about an article that I was being featured on for our local paper. Why? Because I was worried about what others would think. Aside from my immediate family, I haven’t really shared my blog with others. In fact, when I read the email from the journalist asking to interview me, I almost emailed her back saying I couldn’t do it. You see, I enjoy writing about what I want without having others give me some type of input or opinion on what they think my blog should look like. This is my personal writing space and I didn’t want anything or anyone to ruin that for me.

Eventually I stopped thinking about the negatives and I was actually excited about being featured alongside some amazing bloggers. My parents still don’t truly understand what I do, but I think this solidified it for them that this is not a hobby for me.


Unfortunately, this is not the first time I’ve allowed my own fears or negative thoughts affect me. It’s easy to come up with a great idea or get excited about doing something you know you’ll enjoy, but allow your inner critic stall you. Often this is what your thoughts look like:

What will they think?
Will they like it?
Will they be offended?
Will they think I’m bragging?

I can tell you from experience that negative thoughts are like a virus. Once they take over, they control your actions and ability to make any progress. Do you want to get from point A to point B? Then silent your inner critic. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself mulling over every negative thought that pops up in your head.

I love writing, it’s truly my passion. I love sharing tips and bits of our family with people I’ve connected with online. I enjoy creating yummy recipes and sharing those with you. I also enjoy sharing family-friendly products from a mom’s perspective. But if I worried about how it will be received each time I decided to share a post, I probably wouldn’t have a blog at all.

My point is, do what you love and enjoy it. The only opinion that matters is your own. You’ll make mistakes along the way and not everyone is going to like everything you do. That’s OK and it’s part of life. Don’t let it hinder you from doing what you love and what you’re passionate about.

Do you find yourself struggling with you inner critic? I would love it if you shared how it has affected you.

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Thursday 19th of March 2015

Congrats on the article! I find that I constantly compare and criticize myself to other bloggers. It's really tough to just accept that I am in my own place right now and I don't need to compare.


Wednesday 18th of March 2015

Yes, this. Every day. It's hard to realize that the only way you can be good at something is to try it and work at it, when you want to put forth the best effort right out of the gate. It's not going to happen that way. And in order to be able to work on it and grow, you have to allow yourself the idea that not everyone else is going to love it. If you love it, it's more than good enough.


Wednesday 18th of March 2015

All of us struggle with that inner critic and I have to be constantly reminded that no one is probably even thinking of me the way I think they are :) You're not the only one! Thank you for sharing, it definitely makes it easier.

Warm Regards, Alexandra