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10 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

A list of 10 fun indoor winter activities for kids. From cooking together to writing snail mail, there's something for every child.

If you’re living on the East Coast like I am, or anywhere where the winter is brutal, you know what it’s like to be stuck indoors for long periods of time. After a while, the kids start to get antsy and you start longing for the warm summer days. So I wanted to share a list of some fun indoor activities that you can do with your kids. Remember that it’s all about letting your kids be creative. So join them, and perhaps it will help cure some of your own cabin fever.

10 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

1. Let them bake…or cook.

Have your kids join you in the kitchen. Give them simple tasks that won’t require much assistance. This can be a fun activity for both of you and the end result will be a delicious treat or meal.

2. Listen to music.

I LOVE music, it’s like therapy to me. So when I need a pick me up, I play my favorite radio stations on my Pandora app. My kids join me in my attempt to carry a tune. We laugh, we dance and enjoy the music. Instant mood lifter.

3. Read together.

I love to read and so do my children, but something about reading a book together makes it extra special. So find a book that is kid friendly, pick a subject that your kids enjoy and read out loud to each. As a bonus, this also counts as a reading exercise.

4. Play board games.

Board games are a lot of fun. We enjoy playing board games in our home and some of our favorites are Sorry!, Yahtzee and Trouble. It can get quite competitive, but we always have a great time. You could also hold a tournament and give out a small prize to the winners.

5. Have a movie marathon day.

This is so simple and fun. Just pop some popcorn, lay out the blankets and play some of your favorite family-friendly flicks. You could also pick a theme, for example; Disney, Sports, Adventure etc. Just make sure each child gets to pick a movie they like.

6. Make art.

Whip out the paint brushes or molding clay and let your kid’s imagination take over. You could also give them prompts to follow. Just make sure you join them and create your own masterpiece.

7. Indoor “pool” party.

This is for the moms of little ones. Fill up your tub, have your child wear their swimsuit and throw in some toys. Instant pool party! They will have a ton of fun and yes it can get messy, but remember memories are more valuable. So just plop some old towels on the floor and enjoy.

8. Act it out.

Have your kids pick their favorite part of a book or movie and have them act it out. Encourage them to get creative and dress the part as well. Make sure you have a camera handy to capture their theatrical debut.

9. Write snail mail.

With all the new technology today, kids don’t always know what it’s like to send/receive snail mail. Have them pick someone to write a letter to. A soldier overseas, a local service man, fire station or even a friend. Give them colorful pencils, stickers and stamps to spruce it up. Oh, and don’t forget to mail it!

10. Camp in.

Does your family like camping in the Summer? Well how about bringing in the outdoors. Have your kids pull out their sleeping bags and flashlights. If you have clean tents, set that up as well! You can serve them some chili, walking tacos or indoor s’mores.

So what are some indoor activities your family enjoys during the Winter months? Would love to hear from you!

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  1. Havok says:

    Baking was always fun as a kid! I remember loads of times helping my mom make banana bread…and then eventually making it myself! It’s fun to be “productive” as a kid, while still having fun – and getting to eat whatever it is you’ve made!!

    • Jesenia Montanez says:

      Yes! Kids love it when you let them help. It’s a great way to involve them AND keep them entertained. 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    These r really great ideas for my 10 and 8 year olds.