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10 Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas

10 Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas

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Wedding season is here! As much as I enjoy dressing up and watching our friends get married, weddings can get a bit pricey. This year we have multiple friends getting married which can easily wind up busting our budget if we’re not careful. So today I’m sharing 10 inexpensive wedding gift ideas to help you stay within your budget.

10 Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas

1. A honeymoon travel basket.

In a basket, or a beach tote, add travel essentials for the couple’s honeymoon. You can include a travel checklist, luggage tags, sunscreen, magazines, snacks, gum and beach towels (depending on the destination). This is a great inexpensive wedding gift idea that the couple will be able to enjoy immediately.

2. Your services.

Figure out what service you want to offer the couple and create a gift certificate on your computer to gift to the couple. It can be housecleaning, pet sitting, help with moving, or even babysitting services when the first little one arrives.

3. Restaurant gift cards.

This is a gift that most newlyweds will appreciate since they will probably be dining out less in order to save money. You can purchase gift cards through your local supermarket  or pharmacy to earn reward points. You can also purchase through Groupon, and Gift Card Granny which are great sites that offer discounts on gift cards.

4. CD with romantic songs.

For our wedding we received a CD with old school romantic songs and it was truly one of our favorite wedding gifts. You can also include the couple’s wedding song (this may involve some research) to make it extra special. Also make sure that the music is from their favorite genre.

5. Anything personalized.

Even if you’re not crafty, you can create a personalized gift. Purchase a couple of throw pillows and add the couple’s initials to it. You can also create a beautiful set of etched monogram mason jars via this super easy tutorial.

6. Gift card for groceries.

The couple will need stock up on groceries, so why not help them get started with a gift card from the grocery store. You could also include a shopping list, pen and a coupon organizer to help them get started.

7. Your favorite recipes.

The couple will probably be dining in more often after they get married. Give them a recipe box with cards filled out with some of your favorite family recipes. This will give them dinner ideas from someone they know and trust. You can also include the ingredients to one of your favorite recipes to help them get started.

8. Movie night basket.

Create a movie night basket with some of your favorite romantic movies, popcorn, movie theater candy and if your budget allows, a fleece blanket. The newlyweds will have everything they need for a movie night in. This is one of my favorite gifts to give. It’s super simple, inexpensive, and couples are always grateful for it.

9. A romantic night in.

Who doesn’t enjoy a romantic night in? Simply add a couple of plush towels in a basket along with bubble bath, candles, massage oil and chocolates. This is an easy gift to put together and perfect for newlyweds.

10. Stationery and postage.

The couple will need stationery and postage to send thank you cards to wedding guests. So why not help them out? This a simple gift that they will truly appreciate. If you have some extra money to splurge, find a company that sells personalized stationery and add the couple’s initials for a special touch.

What are some of your inexpensive wedding gift ideas? Please share below!

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  1. What a great list of ideas! I will pin this and use it for all kinds of gift-giving occasions.

    • Jesenia Montanez says:

      Thanks Nicole! I’m glad you found it helpful. 🙂