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4 Chores Toddlers Can Handle

Do you enlist the help of your kids when you clean the house? Here are 4 chores toddlers can handle with little to no help.

It’s very easy to assume that toddlers can only make messes and that they are too young to actually do any chores around the house. But, most young children would love the opportunity to help mom or dad clean around the house.

I’m not at this stage just yet, but it will happen sooner than I expect and I do plan on having my youngest join in the cleaning fun.

4 Chores Toddlers Can Handle

Dust the baseboards

Toddlers love the idea of crawling, scooting and sliding across the floor. Give toddlers an old sock or glove and let them scoot down the hallway and dust off the baseboards. They will think it’s super fun and you’ll get a huge task completed.

Sort clothes

If you sort your clothes before starting laundry, then let the kids help. They can easily learn to put towels in one pile and whites in another. This gives them a good foundation for learning how to do laundry plus helps them learn to sort by likes and differences.

Organize plastic dishes

Most moms have a cabinet full of tupperware type dishes. These lids and bowls often get disorganized and lost. Let the toddlers figure out which tops match the bowls and dishes. They will have a ball making noise in the kitchen while they are learning about size and shapes that fit together.


There are many brooms that are sized just for small hands. Give them a broom and let them learn to sweep the kitchen floor. Sure, you’ll probably have to follow behind them and sweep again, but this gives them a chance to take ownership in the cereal that they have dropped and learn how to clean up their own messes.

Do your toddlers help you with the household chores? What is their favorite part of helping? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I’ve been working super hard the last few months to get Conner to help with chores and it is definitely paying off! His favorite one is the fill Lilly’s dog food bowl. He gets so excited to feed her – hopefully this will last for a long time. 🙂

    • Jesenia Montanez says:

      That’s a great idea Jessi! Conner is adorable by the way. 🙂