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5 Ways To Connect With Family

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5 Ways To Connect With Family. Five simple ways to stay connected with family regardless of distance or time.

I’ll never get tired of saying it, family always comes first. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and neglect those that matter most. I’ve done this more times than I care to admit. I get busy with a work project or I focus too much time on household chores, that I forget to slow down and be there for my loved ones. However, it’s not hard to stay connected even when family is far away or during the busy holiday season. So today I’m sharing some my favorite ways to connect with family.

5 Ways To Connect With Family

1. Schedule it.

Although we live in the same county as our parents, we still have to make an effort to see each other. My parents and in-laws are very busy, so unless we schedule time to get together, it doesn’t always happen. Instead of saying let’s get together, buckle down and put it on a schedule. This will at least ensure that everyone will make an effort and make it happen.

2. Snail mail.

Good old snail mail. Not sure why this has been replaced by email, but I absolutely love getting snail mail. It’s something tangible that I can keep for many years and share with my kids. Instead of only texting your parents, create something fun with your kids and mail it to them. I’m sure they’ll enjoy finding fun mail from their grandkids.

3. Connect virtually.

If your loved ones are too far to visit, connect with them virtually. You can do this through social media by sharing photos of your family and keeping them in the loop of what your family is up to. You can also connect through Skype or Google Hangout which enables you to video chat for free with your loved ones.

4. Send photos.

I love receiving photos. There are times that I’m away from the kids for the day while in a meeting and my husband keeps me connected through photos. I also like sending photos of our kids to their grandparents. It’s a great way to make them feel special while staying in touch. My little one also doesn’t mind posing for them. 😉

5. Talk often.

This is my toddler’s favorite thing right now. She can make out a few phrases, but for the most part she babbles. However, it doesn’t matter what she’s saying as long as she gets to chat with one of her grandparents. Not only is it a treat for her, it’s also a treat for them to hear her voice. They love her attempts to hold a conversation and always look forward to our calls.

I’ve mentioned several times how much we love Walmart Family Mobile service. The unlimited talk, text and data has allowed me to stay connected while on the road and during our busy seasons of life. Not only do I always have access to my family and work email, I’m also able to capture and share photos of our adventures with our loved ones. I don’t want to miss a thing regardless of how busy life is at the moment.

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How will you connect with loved ones this holiday season and how can Walmart Family Mobile help? Leave a comment and let me know!

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