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Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays-Day 10 {15 Day Challenge}

Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays-Day 10 {15 Day Challenge}-Get your home ready for the holiday season with this 15 day challenge!
Welcome to Day 10 of the Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays Challenge! Yesterday was just as I expected. It rained the entire day and then it got really windy during the evening/night hours. I did get some work done around the house, but eventually the weather got the best of me.

So what task did I focus on for today’s challenge? Nothing super exciting, but I finally tackled the hallway closet. Now if you’re following the challenge you could focus your efforts on a hallway or entryway closet. If you don’t have either one of those, tackle a closet that needs your attention. Either one works. Now I’m not sure why this closet gives me issues, but I’m constantly having to purge it. I think part of the problem is that it holds a little bit of everything. From board games to coats, I find that if I’m not on top of things it can quickly become a catch-all space.

So this is what the top shelf looked like before I got started. If you remember from my last two challenges, I’ve purged this space before. This literally happened in a matter of a few months.

One trash bag full of junk later, and this is the after. This is soo much better.

Oh, and note to self. Don’t purge with little ones around. They find everything. Including toys you’re secretly trying to get rid of.

I’m hoping to tackle windows and blinds next, but need to make sure that the weather will cooperate. And although I’m dreading it, I plan to recruit my kids to help to make it go much quicker.

How are you making out with the challenge? Is you entryway or hallway closet a problem as well? I’d love to hear from you!

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