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Back-To-School Command Center

This easy to make and inexpensive Back-To-School Command Center is a great way to keep your kids organized during the school year! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Back-To-School Command Center. This easy to make and inexpensive Back-To-School Command Center is a great way to keep your kids organized during the school year!
I tend to keep my organization systems fairly simple. I believe that if it’s too complicated, it winds up defeating the purpose of being organized in the first place. One of the issues I’ve had in our homeschool journey, is keeping my son organized. He needs constant reminders for his chores, daily school work, and extra-curriculum activities.

I don’t blame the kid, he’s only eleven years old and more concerned with sports or the latest video games. However, I’m a huge believer that kids are capable of taking ownership of their responsibilities. I decided that this school year I would create a command center to help keep him be more organized and stay on task.

This command center is super easy to create. It was created with Duck Tape and items from my local dollar store. You can use the Duck Tape to personalize and style up the command center. My son had a blast helping me create this and is looking forward to using it this school year.

Back-To-School Command Center


Foam Board
Poster Board
Duck Tape
Index Cards
Sticky Notes
Sticker Letters
Binder Clips



Use Duck Tape to tape the poster board to foam board. My poster board was a little larger than my foam board, so I just trimmed the excess.


Let your kids choose the color of the poster board and Duck Tape. There are over 200 prints and colors of Duck Tape to choose from, so every project will be unique. Find Duck Tape here!


I then created a pocket to hold folders for his school work. I did this by cutting strips of Duck Tape and taping them to each other. Once I had large enough piece, I trimmed the edges to make it even.


I taped the piece to the poster board with a different pattern of Duck Tape and added sticker letters to label it. It will house his homeschool worksheets and assignments.


I again repeated the last step, but on a smaller scale to create pockets for his chore cards. One pocket is for “To-Do” cards and the second pocket is for the “Done” cards. Again, I let him pick his favorite colors and patterns to customize his board.


I also added a monthly calendar so that he knows when he has an upcoming sports game or activity.


My son also had fun customizing the binder clips with Duck Tape without my help. Duck Tape is truly an easy crafting medium for kids of all ages and often doesn’t require additional supplies such as glue, scissors, staples, etc.


I used the binder clips to hold some sticky notes with reminders and his reward chart.


This is the finished product. I love that it’s practical, simple and inexpensive. My son is excited to put it to use and he’s already making use of the chore card system.


What kind of back-to-school project would you make with Duck Tape? I would love to hear your ideas!

Make sure to check out Duck Tape’s School Craft board on PinterestTwitterInstagramand other social channels for more information & tricks!

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Tuesday 21st of July 2015

This is awesome! And so colorful - no excuse for not looking at it each day! Our middle school gave us planners each year to track homework in and such, and that was always an awesome thing to have - one place to keep track of all that information really helped. Especially when one's mind is indeed on video games and not school work (as mine was, as well) ;)

Jesenia Montanez

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

So far he's enjoying it and I'm hoping it helps him through the school year. I think the bright colors also help. ;)

Allison @ Frugal on the Prairie

Tuesday 21st of July 2015

I know this is a back-to-school project but I might make something similar for my workspace. I'm an extremely visual worker and having everything organized in one area would be great!

Jesenia Montanez

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

Oh, I'm thinking about it as well! :) I just need to find the space for it since I don't have an actual office space. He's loving it so far and it's truly helping him stay focused. Thanks for stopping by! :)