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My Bathroom Closet Organization System

Bathroom Closet Organization System. A video to give you a quick tour of my bathroom closet space after I purged and organized with inexpensive bins.

There’s something about spring time that turns me into a de-clutter, organizing and cleaning freak. I honestly think it has more to do with the fact that I hate staying indoors when the weather is nice. Personally, I much rather get my house in shape before summer arrives.

One of the first spaces I wanted to tackle was my bathroom closet. Since the 31 day clutter free challenge, I haven’t really done much with it. Thanks to my lack of attention, my baskets were overflowing and there were no traces of my previous organizing efforts.

This past weekend while my husband was home, I decided it was time to tackle the space. I purchased two plastic bins from a dollar store since my smaller ones where no longer cutting it. I also grabbed a trash bag and purged ruthlessly.

I can honestly say that the best way to tackle a space you are dreading, is to simply do it. Once I started, there was no stopping me. Plus the end result was well worth it and now I can go on to the next thing. After approximately an hour and $2.00 later, I ended up with a bathroom closet that looks great and is organized again.

Anyways, this is a quick video with the end result. My bathroom closet organization system is pretty simple, but it works for us and that’s all that matters. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for your own bathroom closet space.

Have you started spring cleaning in your home? What space are you dreading? I would love to hear from you!

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