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Busyness Is Not A Badge Of Honor

Busyness Is Not A Badge Of Honor

No matter how hard I try, I always manage to pile on more work to my long to-do list. I blame myself because I should know better. But being brought up in a culture that embraces busyness, it’s hard not to get caught up in the rat race. With my dark undereye circles and large coffee mug in hand, I’ve rushed from one activity to the next with the intensity of an athlete. Pushing my own limits and refusing to quit.

I’m not sure when it started for me, but from an early age I found myself juggling several projects at once. When I decided to pursue a Business degree as an adult, I signed up as a full-time student while working a demanding full-time job and raising a family. I eventually graduated with honors, but it costs me many sleepless nights, missed family events and time I’ll never get back. Shortly after graduation, I left the corporate world to stay home with my kids.

I’m saddened that many moms are endlessly pursuing things of no real value. We get asked how we’re doing and we proudly answer “Oh great! I’m soo busy”, as if being busy is a shiny badge of honor. I don’t know when our mindset shifted, but being too busy for our loved ones or to the point of exhaustion is not what I deem a blessing.

Will there be seasons when our schedules are fuller? Yes. I’m not referring to temporary busyness. I’m talking about the mom that is already tired from juggling a home and raising babies, but feels like it’s not enough. That she is not enough. This thought process begins a vicious cycle. Like a disease, it slowly drains you both mentally and physically. You become grumpy, fatigued and unhappy doing the things you thought would fulfill you.

Instead of trying to find joy in a packed schedule, consider finding contentment in the little things. I’ve recently been taking breaks during our homeschool days to go to a local park. My kids are happy to get outdoors and I find that having a moment to myself, free from emails and deadlines, re-energizes me. I also started saying no without feeling guilty about it. I recommend it, it’s pretty darn amazing.

It’s OK to hustle and work hard to pursue our dreams as long as we don’t lose sight of what truly matters in life. But I can’t wait for the day we can freely embrace not being busy and simply own it.

Do you struggle with being too busy? As always, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Charbel says:

    Me encanto este articulo!, siempre me siento como si fuera la única persona que tiene tanto para hacer y que a menudo no dedico el tiempo necesario a mi familia. Pero me doy cuenta de que soy bendecida y tengo un trabajo y un esposo que me apoya y dos nenes maravillosos. Solo tengo que organizarme. besos guapa! 🙂