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How to Earn an Extra $500 This Month-Sell Something!

How to Earn an Extra $500 This Month-Sell Something! Have you ever thought of selling your clutter for cash? That's exactly what I'm doing this month to earn an extra $500!
My husband and I have some big financial goals that we’re working towards this year. I’ll be honest, some days I get really excited about accomplishing our goals. But other days, I feel like we’re stuck and going nowhere. If you’ve ever worked on paying off debt or saving a large sum of money, you probably experienced discouragement at some point. It feels like your life revolves around frugal choices and saving money. There are days that I just want to quit, and not think about a budget. But I know that we have to make sacrifices now, if we ever want to experience financial freedom in our future.

Although my husband and I are both contributing to our household income, I’m always looking for creative ways to bring in extra cash. This month I wanted to challenge myself to make an extra $500 dollars. Why $500? Because it’s a figure that’s achievable for most. I want to encourage you to think outside the income-earning box, and realize that you can earn money without having to work a second job. As a busy mom, I don’t have time to add more work to my plate, so this pushes me to get creative.

Curious on how I plan to earn an extra $500 this month? Check it out:

  • Sell (almost new) cabinet that we removed from the kitchen. $100
  • Sell crib and other baby/toddler items. $175-$225
  • Sell HD Webcam. $40-$50
  • Sell random items from our basement purge. $150+
  • Sell books and movies no longer used. $40

As you can see, I’m not doing anything drastic to add $500+ to our income this month. I’m simply selling a few items that no longer add value to our lives and are taking up space. It can be toys, clothes, old electronics, furniture pieces or even scrap metal. Look around your home, you’d be surprised with how many items you can get rid for cash.

I plan to update and share how it all worked out along with the total earned. Next month I’ll focus on a different method of earning cash. I’m hoping to do this monthly, to push myself to get creative and motivate you to do the same.

Do you have items you can sell to add extra cash to your budget this month? I’d love to hear what items you find!

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