9 Frugal {and Fun} Activities To Do With Your Family

9 Frugal {and Fun} Activities To Do With Your Family

As a mom I want to spend quality time with my kids, but not go into debt because of it (have you seen the cost of a movie ticket?!). So one way I try to minimize what we spend is by doing things that cost little or nothing. In the end what matters most is being present for your child and not how much it cost to do so. So here are 9 things you can do for practically nothing while still having fun and spending time with your family.

9 Frugal {and Fun} Activities To Do With Your Family

1. Family Movie Night

Let the kids pick a movie and enjoy some popcorn. You can borrow a movie from your local library, your own family collection, movie swap with a friend or rent one at a Redbox. (Check online for free Redbox movie rental codes)

2. Family Game Night

This can include board games, video games or even a game that your children make up. Some of our family favorites are GuessturesSorry and Trouble.

3. Go For A Walk

This is one of my favorites. We get to talk, enjoy the neighborhood and even get a small workout. It’s also a great time for children to open up.

4. Go To A Local Bookstore {or Library}

My family really enjoys going to our local Barnes and Nobles. They have a coffee shoppe, so we like to order a drink, sit at a table and read our favorite magazines. It also gives my husband and I time to catch up with each other. You could also go to your local library. I personally like to talk, so a bookstore makes more sense for me.

5. Give back

This is also a great way to enjoy time with each other while helping those in need. This can include, donating clothes, toys, food or volunteering at a local organization. There are many ways to involve children in the process, even younger ones can help sort through donation items. My daughter and I have volunteered our time to help clean apartments for the elderly.

6. Play Sports

If your children enjoy a sport, don’t just sit there and watch them,  join them! My 10 year old son enjoys playing basketball so when my husband takes him to the park to practice, we all tag along. We involve all of the kids and give all of them a chance to play. It’s a good time for everyone and my little guy also gets to practice.

7. Family Outing

This can be any place your family enjoys. Our family likes bowling, go-cart racing, miniature golf, movies and laser tag. Always look for family specials or coupons to keep costs down. There are also many activities that don’t cost a thing such as local parks, free museums and local sporting events.

8. Eat Together

Sounds simple, but many families are often too busy to sit down and have a meal together. We try to do this as often as possible and we love it. We have the kids sit down for dinner with no electronics or anything else that can be distracting. We often stay at the table long after the meal is done, talking, laughing and simply enjoying our time together.

9. Work On A Craft

Kids love creating things, so why not work on a craft together! There are so many craft ideas online that you’ll likely never run out of ideas. If you’re on Pinterest, check out my Fun Activities for Kids board which is filled with lots of ideas for kids of all ages!

So what does your family enjoy doing together? I would love to hear from you!
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  1. says

    These are great ideas! I love going to bookstores with the kids.. it helps to foster their love of reading which is something we can share together.

    • Jesenia says

      Thanks Ashley! Yes, I agree. My kids and I could practically live there. :)

  2. says

    Thanks for the list! It’s a good reminder of what’s most important! :)


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