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30 Day Purge Challenge {Days 25-28}

30 Day Purge Challenge {Days 25-28}. For 30 days I will purge five items each day in order to de-clutter and get rid of excess from our home. This is my progress for Days 25-28.
In case you missed the initial post; I’m currently doing a 30 day purge challenge where I choose five items each day that I have to donate, sell or trash.

It’s the last week of the purge challenge and I honestly wish it didn’t have to end. I know that I could do this on my own without the accountability of this challenge, but in the end it’s not the same.

It was a busy weekend that included some much needed family time and catching up on some house projects. Oh, and in case you missed it on Facebook, I had the pleasure to chat about Choosing Simplicity in Your Homemaking over at Club 31 Women. I feel truly honored to be a part of such an amazing group of women. I thought I would have this post up early today, but we continued working around the house since my husband had the day off. We also took a trip to Costco to stock up on a few things, which also ate up a chunk of our day.

But better late than never, right? So here’s a look at the items that I purged in the last four days:

Day 25
Four books and a baby walker. All of these items will be donated.

Day 26
Four books and an unopened toy. Again going to donation.

Day 27
Kid’s karaoke machine, iHome sound system, computer speaker system, baby bottles and a body butter set. Most will be donated. Although I’m not sure if the donation center will take some of the electronics.

Day 28
My daughter’s old Christmas tree. Going in the trash.

Day 28
Three bags of clothes (my teen and my tween’s) plus two formal dresses that were mine. All being donated.

There’s only two days left of the challenge, but I don’t plan on stopping. I came across a bin full of book that I haven’t read, so it will be interesting for this book nerd to sort through those. Eek!
Are you still following along? Only two more days left in the challenge, so hang in there!

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