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30 Day Purge Challenge {Days 22-24}

30 Day Purge Challenge {Days 22-24}. For 30 days I will purge five items each day in order to de-clutter and get rid of excess from our home. This is my progress for Days 22-24.
In case you missed the initial post; I’m currently doing a 30 day purge challenge where I choose five items each day that I have to donate, sell or trash.

I can’t believe the end of the challenge is quickly approaching. Personally, I don’t plan on stopping since I still have plenty of spaces to go through. It’s amazing how much stuff you can find when you challenge yourself to get rid of things.

I know that some of you may have dropped off after starting strong with the challenge. 😉 First I want to say that it’s not too late to jump in again. You can set your own rules and do this according to your own schedule. I simply created this to encourage you and give you a general guideline to follow. Even if you’re motivated to do this challenge, you also need to make sure that you have a reason behind it all. In other words, ensure that you know your why. Why do you want to de-clutter your home? Are you doing it to acquire more space? Or perhaps you’re like me and have been bitten by the minimalist bug.

Whatever it may be, just make sure you know the reason you’re doing it. Otherwise, you’ll give and wind up frustrated. I can assure you that all of your efforts will bring long-term benefits that you may not notice immediately. For example, lately I’ve noticed that I’m purging clothes as I do laundry. If something doesn’t fit well or has been ruined by a stain, it goes out right away. Before the challenge, I probably would have thought twice about it and may have kept it to see if it could be salvaged.

So what did I get rid of the last three days? A lot. I hit the purging jackpot and found some items that I had stored up for a future yard sale (this is why I donate!).

Day 22

Days 23 & 24

The first picture is several textbooks and supplies from previous homeschool years. I plan to donate them all to a local homeschooling family. I know it’s more than 5 items, but like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I refuse to separate like items since it defeats the purpose of what I’m doing.

The second picture is a bit dark (the sun was setting), but if you can make things out you’ll see that I found two pairs of shoes, three pairs of slippers, a blanket, a doll that’s still in the box, a picture frame, two pillows, baby bounce seat, storage cube plus a stereo. I know that’s more than 10 items, but the shoes and slippers were together in a bag, so together they stayed. All of these will also be donated minus the storage cube which is pretty beat up.

How are you making out with the challenge? As always, I would love to hear about your progress!

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