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31 Days To A Clutter Free Life Day 12: Pantry

31 Days To A Clutter Free Life Day 12: Pantry

31 Days To A Clutter Free Life Day 12: Pantry

Welcome to Day 12 of the 31 Days To A Clutter Free Life Challenge! If you want to find out what the challenge is all about or would like to read the previous posts, simply go here.

Today’s challenge is the pantry. Our kitchen pantry is very small so the space is very limited. However, I’m grateful to even have one since I always lived in older homes that didn’t even offer a pantry. I currently keep a mix of things in our pantry. This includes cereals, snacks, plastic containers, water bottles, jars and other miscellaneous things. Although it’s not necessarily overflowing with stuff, I do need to organize it and get rid of the things that truly don’t belong in there.

Here’s the before shot of our kitchen pantry:

My plan of attack for the pantry is the following:

  • Get rid of items that don’t belong in the kitchen (or pantry).
  • Toss out food that is expired.
  • Toss out food that is opened, but no one eats.
  • Store smaller food items in the cupboards.

Once again I’ll update this post with my after photo. How are you doing so far in the challenge? I feel like it’s starting to reach the areas that need more attention from me so it’s getting harder as we move along. I just keep thinking about the clutter free space I’ll have for this holiday season to keep me going.

Although I was a little late with this one, it was a lot easier to tackle than I expected. It’s not a huge difference, but I can already tell the difference when I search for something. Hoping to find some nicer looking storage solutions in the future, but for now I’m happy with the end result.


If you want to join in or would like more tips for today’s challenge, check out Living Well Spending Less for more details. Let me know if you are also doing the challenge so we can cheer each other on!

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