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31 Days To A Clutter Free Life Day 22: Home Office

31 Days To A Clutter Free Life Day 22: Home Office

31 Days To A Clutter Free Life Day 22: Home Office

Welcome to Day 22 of the 31 Days To A Clutter Free Life Challenge! If you want to find out what the challenge is all about or would like to read the previous posts, simply go here.

Today’s challenge is the home office. My home office is mobile. In other words, I don’t have one. I simply grab my laptop and take it to the dining room table or the living room. Our bedroom is not large enough for a desk and we don’t have any extra rooms, so no home office for me.

However, at our old house I did have an office space in our bedroom. I found that keeping the space organized helped my productivity. If my desk was cluttered with junk, I simply could not focus. If you find that your home office space is cluttered and that you’re not inspired to actually work in it, then it’s time to tackle the clutter beast.

Some tips for keeping your home office space clutter free:

  • Toss out anything that doesn’t work. Seriously, when in doubt just toss it out.
  • Donate items that you don’t use. If you have office supplies that you don’t even touch, find someone that could use them.
  • Organize what you keep and contain it. I liked having pretty and colorful desk organizers, it just made the space look nicer.
  • Keep the space simple to minimize future clutter. The less you have, the cleaner it looks, and the less you have to clean.

Although there are days that I miss having a dedicated office space, I know that is one less space I have to worry about for now. Do you have an home office? Do you find that it’s hard to keep it organized? The biggest issue I had with my old office space was trying to control the paper clutter.

If you are looking for additional tips I encourage you to read my friend Sarah’s post on How To Declutter Your Desk. She offers some great de-cluttering and storage tips!

If you want to join in or would like more tips for today’s challenge, check out Living Well Spending Less for more details. Let me know if you are also doing the challenge so we can cheer each other on!

Looking for more organization ideas? Check out the following:


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  1. Tracie says:

    Hi! Love your site and the advice! I too, have a “mobile office” and am wondering where you keep your files stored? I have 2 plastic file containers and they are currently homeless. I don’t have closet space in my bedroom and would rather not keep them in one of my kids’s closet, if I can avoid it. Thanks!

    • Jesenia Montanez says:

      Hi Tracie! I actually keep my files in two separate plastic file containers in a closet outside the bedroom. They’re not huge, so it’s not too hard to find a space for them. I used to store one of my containers behind a large leaning mirror that I have in my bedroom. I definitely have to get creative when I store things because our closets are tiny! 🙂