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Bloggers: Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out Sponsored Posts

Bloggers: Why You Shouldn't Rule Out Sponsored Posts. In this post, I'm sharing the reasons why I choose to work with brands on sponsored content.

When I started this site last year, I never expected the very quick growth it experienced. I wasn’t new to blogging, but making an income from a blog was a new experience for me. I remember joining several Facebook groups that allowed new bloggers like myself ask questions and get tips from the veterans.

I noticed rather quickly that there was a great divide amongst bloggers on one particular subject: sponsored posts. Bloggers either wouldn’t consider them at all, while others embraced them or were at least open to the idea. So today, I want to discuss the reasons I enjoy sponsored posts and find that it has been a great income stream for this site. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind or views on the subject, but simply offer a different perspective.

“What’s the point?” You’re probably thinking. I wanted to share this because I’ve seen many new bloggers take a step back from working with brands because they might have heard from other bloggers that sponsored content is unethical. I know there are some bloggers that frown upon sponsored content because they feel like they are selling to them (which is not the purpose of a sponsored post by the way). However, I know that many of these bloggers are constantly sharing affiliate links to other online stores and products. So what’s the difference?

As a blogger that makes an income from sponsored content, I want to share the reasons why bloggers shouldn’t rule it out. Again, I hope you keep an open mind while reading this. If you’re not a blogger, this will at least help you understand how sponsored posts work and why it helps keep blogs like this one afloat.

I’m not selling anything

Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of a sponsored post is not to sell anything. At least that has been my experience when working with brands. Do they want exposure? Yes. Otherwise, what’s the point of paying you. But I’ve never been asked to sell anything. In fact, most brands prefer that sponsored posts keep the focus on you and your story while incorporating their product and messaging within the post.

It forces me out of my comfort zone

Yes, there are times that non-sponsored posts do the same, but when I know that I’m being compensated for my writing, it pushes my creativity to another level. I know that if it weren’t for sponsored posts, my photography would have never improved the way that it has. I also thank sponsored posts for helping me get creativity in the kitchen and try out new recipes that family now love.

I don’t have to spend as much time online

When I first started blogging, I wrote sponsored posts sporadically. This meant that I had to rely on my traffic to make an income from the ads on my site. It was great, but when my numbers were low, I was busy online trying to share my posts on link-up parties and my social media platforms to get things going. Now, I don’t have to stress about my traffic like I did before. I strive to continue growing my traffic, but I know that it’s not the only factor to my blog income.

It helps my readers make buying decisions

Yes, the brand is paying me to share a specific product or message, but it doesn’t change the fact that I would never endorse a brand that I wouldn’t personally use. The same way most bloggers wouldn’t share affiliate links to products they wouldn’t use themselves. I have turned down many opportunities because I couldn’t stand behind a product or a brand. With that said, I find that sharing my perspective can help other moms like myself decide if they want to try out a new product. This is how I’ve made many of my buying decisions in the past, by reading reviews and experiences of other mom bloggers.

Are all sponsored opportunities good ones? Not at all. Have I made bad choices in the past when choosing who to work with? Absolutely. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have at one point or another. But what’s truly important when doing sponsored content is that you’re honest with your audience, you’re genuinely excited about the brand, you share valuable information, and that you always disclose when you’re being compensated for something.

I enjoy writing sponsored posts as much as I enjoy writing non-sponsored ones. As long as I know that my integrity is not being compromised, I will continue to work with brands that our family enjoys and share my experiences on this site.

Are you a blogger? Have you ever done a sponsored post? Or are you completely opposed to doing them? I would love to hear your thoughts and perspective on this subject!

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Sunday 1st of November 2015

I have never done one before. I would like to, but I don't know where to start. How do I find them?

Joanie @Simple Living Mama

Thursday 28th of May 2015

I love writing sponsored posts because I have the opportunity to do something creative with a product that will also benefit my readers. I also look at it like a job. I'm using my time and resources to create content and it is so nice to be compensated for it. I think as long as it fits well with your blog and you are obviously telling your readers it is a sponsored post, there is nothing wrong with doing them!

Jesenia Montanez

Friday 29th of May 2015

I agree Joanie! I love doing sponsored posts as long as they fit with my blog and blogging message. I've made some mistakes at the beginning, but I now know how to weed out opportunities and be more selective on what brands I work with. I know it's not for everyone, but I wanted to encourage new bloggers that are on the fence about it because they hear from seasoned bloggers that it's plain wrong. Thanks for sharing your input! :)

Tuesday 26th of May 2015

I haven't had a sponsored post, yet. I joined social fabric from your recommendation on the Brilliant Business Moms podcast and hope to find a sponsored post that works well for my blog. I think the key is to make sure the sponsored content is showcased well. You do a great job of making a story around the sponsored content!

Jesenia Montanez

Wednesday 27th of May 2015

Thank you for the kind words Julie! Oh, and I love Social Fabric! Let me know if you need help with anything. :)