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Checking In On My 2016 Goals

I recently shared how this month was going for us. Two of our cars broke down along with a slew of other stuff. To be honest, going through a rough month will force you to put things in perspective. No one wants to have a bad month or have to fork out money to replace things, but going through ups and downs is simply part of what happens in life. It will never be perfect, but how we react to it can determine our attitude and actions.

As this month comes to an end, I wanted to focus on the positive things that have happened this year. My oldest is graduating very soon. Eek! I received her graduation photos and got all teary eyed.

She’s not a baby anymore, but I look forward to watching her transition into adulthood. Homeschooling has been going a lot smoother since we made some changes to our curriculum. So all in all, I’m feeling blessed despite the month we’ve had.

I also wanted to check in on my 2016 goals and share my progress with you all. I wish I had done a lot better, but sometimes real life happens and that’s OK.

Continue early AM devotionals-I currently follow She Reads Truth and Good Morning Girls. I’ve been slacking the past few weeks because things have been so hectic for various reasons, but I’m getting back on track.

Pray with my husband-I feel it’s important that as a couple we pray together over our marriage, our children and our home. We have very different schedules, so his quiet time is different from mine. I still want to make it happen because I believe this is important for our family and home.

Family bible study-Again, this is something we did together with the kids and they loved it. Somewhere along the way we stopped and we’re picking it back up again. We’ve made progress in this area, but not nearly enough to satisfy me. I think part of it is our different schedules since my oldest works and does cyber school. So getting everyone together at once typically only happens in the evening.

Date night out once per month-We went out last month for dinner to Carrabba’s with my in-laws for a hosted dinner which was a lot of fun. We’re going to Miami next week for an event I’m speaking at, so I’m counting that as a mini-getaway.

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Date night in once per week-We haven’t agreed on set date nights the past few weeks, but we have managed to watch an episode of Friends here and there.

One on one time with each child-Although it hasn’t been pre-planned outings, I’ve managed to have alone time with each of my kids regularly. From the library to the mall, each one has had their own time with mom.

Two outings per month for homeschool-We were getting out the house weekly, but with our recent car dilemma, we haven’t been anywhere the past few weeks. We finally found a car, so we should be back to normal soon.

Finish the master bedroom-DONE! To see our master bedroom makeover, check out the post here.

Meal Plan-I fell of the meal planning bandwagon last year and it costs us a LOT of money. I decided to try once a month meal planning and grocery shopping. Update-I decided to go back to twice per month grocery shopping because it fit our family better. Find out all the details here.

Pay off debt-Still in progress. We had to put some of this on hold because we’re buying a car and fixing another one. Starting next month, we can focus on this again.

Weekly financial meetings-It’s been more like once or twice a month lately. However, I’m still aiming for weekly since we have some big financial goals this year and I want to stay on track.

Save for a new to us car-DONE! My husband’s 14 year old Honda Civic decided to call it quits. We are getting a car this week and we’re fixing another (mine).

Create videos-I have failed big time. I took a wonderful course on live streaming, but I haven’t picked up the camera once. I seriously need to get with it and plan on doing it very soon. Don’t be surprised if a video pops up on the blog in the near future.

Quality over quantity-I wanted to focus on quality content instead of posting just for the sake of it. I think I’ve been doing a lot better with this and I’ve even cut back on the frequency of my posts. I don’t want to be another blog that is providing filler content. I hope you’ve noticed and appreciate the change.

How are you doing with your 2016 goals? I feel like I still have a long way to go. *sigh* But I’d love to hear about your progress!

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Jessica [Havok]

Thursday 31st of March 2016

You may feel like you've a long way to go, but there actually still *is* a long way to go - first quarter is over, sure, but there are three more! Progress means always trying to move forward, even if you can't necessarily always take a step (which is something I only recently managed to understand the concept of, and haven't quite gotten into practice yet, but, uh, trying to move forward ;) ).