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Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays-Day 11 {15 Day Challenge}

Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays-Day 11 {15 Day Challenge}-Get your home ready for the holiday season with this 15 day challenge!
Welcome to Day 11 of the Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays Challenge! For today’s challenge you might want to recruit a little help or spread it out over two days. If you remember from my previous post I mentioned that windows and blinds were next on my list. First let me tell you that nothing in the world can make this task fun. I did it because it needed to be done. Period. In fact, I started in my bedroom and recruited my daughter to help me after one room was complete. Seriously, I should just hire help for this because it’s painfully boring.

For this task I simply used an old pillowcase to clean the blinds. I spray the blinds with a multi-purpose cleaner and I wipe with the pillowcase while my hand is inside the pillowcase. This enables me to run my hand along each individual blind without having to worry about cutting myself. Plus I can clean the top and bottom of each blind to save some time. Once that’s all done, I wipe the window from top to bottom including the window sill and frame. Although I dust my windows and blinds regularly, a good deep cleaning is always needed because dirt collects around the window area very easily. This cleaning task is not hard. Is it boring? Absolutely. Plus it can be time consuming. Just put on some upbeat music to at least make it tolerable.

We did get some things done in the living room and in the bedroom that I enjoyed. I finally got some frames up on my living room wall. This was the method to my madness. I used sheets of paper to serve as a guide. I measured and taped them to the wall to get a visual of what it would look like without the commitment.

Once I was happy with the placement, my husband measured and placed a nail on the top/middle edge of the paper. Easiest way to put up wall art or frames. Plus you avoid having to make unnecessary holes in the wall. Now I just have to wait on the prints I ordered.

My husband also put together our new headboard which I’m completely in love with. I can’t wait to share our bedroom redo once everything is complete.

How are you making out with the challenge? Did the month of November put you in panic mode yet? I still can’t believe Christmas is next month! Well if you’re keeping up with the challenge you won’t have to worry because your home will be holiday ready. 🙂

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