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5 Tips To Help You Save On A Family Vacation

5 Tips To Help You Save On A Family Vacation. Five simple tips to help you save on a family vacation and keep your costs low.

This past month, the Northeast was blessed with much-needed sunshine and warm weather. It was AMAZING. It put me in the mood for the summer season which honestly can’t get here fast enough. I’ve been in full prep mode for an upcoming move while adjusting to life with a newborn.

With the summer season quickly approaching you’re probably in the process of planning a family vacation. Each year we like to take at least one family trip. It’s our way to unwind and spend quality time together, however, it can add up very quickly if it’s not planned carefully.  Today I’m sharing 5 tips to help you save on your next family vacation so you can create memories without busting your budget.

Shop around

Hotels and vacation rentals typically offer special rates that vary monthly. Take the time to check out each hotel’s website to learn if they’re offering special rates. Once you find a rate that you are happy with, make your reservation.

Book early

“The early bird gets the worm!” If you know at least 6 months ahead of time what your destination is going to be, book early. Many hotels and vacation rentals offer discounts if you book your trip months in advance. You will also have more time to secure great rates on airfare and car rental.

Go off the beaten path

Research non-tourist locations you may want to visit during your trip. Attractions that are not typical tourist destinations will be more affordable and less crowded. This is also a great way to discover lesser-known city treasures.

Keep your itinerary simple

It’s easy to feel the need to fill up every open space with an activity. Remember that a family vacation is about creating family memories, don’t over-schedule yourself to the point that you can’t enjoy your trip. A day lounging by the pool or at the beach can be just as enjoyable as a day at a theme park. Not only will you save money, you will also be able to truly relax. Win-win.


Aside from accommodations, food can be a high vacation expense. One way to keep
costs low is by setting a food budget prior to your trip. If your hotel room or vacation rental offers a kitchen space, take advantage of it by preparing your own meals. Even one meal that is not eaten out could yield hundreds of dollars in savings over the length of your stay!

What are some ways that you save money on your family vacations? Please feel free to comment and share!

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