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Spring Cleaning Hacks

Five simple spring cleaning hacks to help you cut back on your cleaning time and make the task a bit easier.

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Five simple spring cleaning hacks to help you cut back on your cleaning time and make the task a bit easier.

Do you enjoy spring cleaning? I do! It’s like a fresh start and the perfect way to bring in the warmer months. I love de-cluttering the home, donating what we don’t use, and just freshening the home. Our family has a busy month ahead, so I’ve been tackling rooms when I get a chance. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite spring cleaning hacks, but honestly you could apply these techniques to any cleaning routine you have in place.

Time Yourself

First and foremost, you want to get spring cleaning done as fast as possible right? There is a trick to fast cleaning, time yourself. Of course you don’t want to rush through everything and do a poor job, but timing yourself will make you work just a little bit faster shaving time off of cleaning your home.

Steam Your Microwave Clean

You may have heard of this trick already, but this is just a reminder of how awesome it really is. Place a couple of cups of water in a microwave safe bowl with a couple of teaspoons of vinegar in the microwave. Microwave for a few minutes, so that the water starts boiling and steaming. Be sure to let it sit and not handle. It will be hot! The steam from the water will loosen all of the grime in the microwave making it easy to wipe off. This has been proven to be the easiest way to clean your microwave with little to no effort. Check out this post where I show you how I do this with my own microwave.

Declutter By Checking Expiration Dates (Kitchen and Bathroom!)

While spring cleaning the goal is typically to declutter your home. An easy way to do this in the kitchen and bathroom cupboards is to go through everything and throw out anything past its expiration date. Everything from food to medicine in your home has an expiration date, and should be tossed if it’s past that date. Food for obvious reasons expires after that date and may not taste good or be healthy for you to consume. Medicines become less effective after their expiration date and should also be tossed. (Be sure to dispose of medicines properly.)

Use Your Dishwasher To Its Fullest Extent

Your dishwasher is good for more than just dishes. While cleaning you can put things in there such as sponges. It will sanitize them as well as anything else that is put into it such as makeup brushes, children’s plastic toys (ones without batteries of course) and other plastic/glass items that may need a good cleaning.

Use A Baggie to Clean Your Showerhead

The showerhead itself is something that is not only difficult to clean, but is often times forgotten about when cleaning the shower. To clean your showerhead with ease take a baggie with vinegar in it and rubber band it around the showerhead. Let it sit for a few hours and then remove the baggie. The vinegar should take off or at least loosen the dirt and grime, making it easy to clean. Be sure to run the shower for a minute or two so that anything stuck inside that came loose goes down the drain before using the shower.

Are you spring cleaning? What are some of you favorite spring cleaning hacks? Please comment and share with us!

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    The baggie tip is one I’ve never heard – you are awesome!

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