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Prep Your Home for the Fall Season

Am I the only one ready for the fall season to arrive? I don’t know why the month of August does this to me, but once the month arrives, I feel like I need to prep and plan for the season ahead. This month my daughter will be heading to college. I’m lucky that she’ll still be semi-local, but things will definitely be changing around here. She’s been decluttering her bedroom, and I’m making plans to use a section of her room for my office space. It’s a bittersweet moment filled with dorm shopping, excitement and tears.

One the things that I like to do before the cold season begins is get organized. But before any organizing can be done, I like to do some de-cluttering and cleaning.

A couple of years ago, I joined a 31 Days To A Clutter Free Life Challenge that Ruth of Living Well Spending Less hosted. Since I just completed a clutter free challenge of my own recently, I’m thinking another challenge would be overkill. However, things seem to multiply around here. Even with my ruthless purging, I find that each new season welcomes a new set of stuff. From sports gear to outgrown children’s clothes, I always seem to have plenty of things to get rid of.

I don’t think I can be as disciplined this time around and stick to a month long commitment. However, I do want to get a head start in prepping our home before the colder months. There’s something about having a de-cluttered and organized space that brings me peace. I’m a simple gal and I like my home to be the same way.

Today I’m sharing my plan. It’s nothing fancy and in fact, I kept it simple on purpose. This fall season will be a busy one for our family, so I refuse to add too much to my plate. These tasks are manageable for me and I can complete them without getting too overwhelmed.

Prep Your Home for the Fall Season

Start outdoors

It happens to me every year once the summer season is over. I make plans to do some landscaping and clean up the yard, but wind up scrambling at the last minute. We already started trimming shrubs and pulling out weeds. I’m also planning to hose down the deck area and wash the outdoor furniture. The end of the summer season is the perfect time to start tackling any outdoor projects left on your list. Pull out dead plants, prune shrubs, and make sure you have the tools needed for the colder months. Once fall begins, you’ll have less daylight hours and evenings will be much cooler. You’ll also be too busy trying to keep up with the falling leaves!

De-clutter your space

I love to de-clutter. I get the itch to purge every few months, and even with my consistency, I always find plenty of things to get rid of. I typically buy the kids new clothes for the fall/winter season during back-to-school sales. So going through their old clothes at the end of the summer simply makes sense. This year I plan to consign their clothes at a local consignment sale. I already have a nice stack that’s ready to be consigned.

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Deep clean

Yes, I know I said that I was keeping my list simple, but there’s always a few spaces that need a good scrubbing after the summer season. This is a great opportunity to clean the porch and other outdoor spaces. I also like to clean the windows since it’s much harder to do once the colder months arrive. The kitchen is also a great space to deep clean. I like to focus on appliances in anticipation of the holiday months. Here are a few posts to give you a little inspiration:

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Seal leaks

I love fall weather. It’s warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, but cool enough at night to wear a light jacket. I know here in the Northeast, some fall nights can get a bit cold. Instead of waiting until the cold weather arrives, start sealing leaks and drafts in your home. You can do this by caulking around the windows’s trim. Rubber weatherstripping and door sweeps are also great to keep air leaks at a minimum. There are many ways to weatherize the home and the money you’ll save will be well worth the effort. Check out more tips in my guest post here!

How do you prepare your home for the fall season? I would love to hear your tips!

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