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Fruit Punch Lemonade Ice Cooler + Reverse Care Package for Dad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute Maid as part of their #doingood campaign. All ideas and opinions are my own.

When I met my husband over 17 years ago, I was a single mom to a one-year-old girl and he had a son the same age. We quickly fell for each other and got married a year later combining our small families. My husband immediately took over the father role and loved my daughter like she was his own. Today, the two share a special father-daughter bond that has been a joy to witness.

Over the years, we added two more kids to the bunch and my husband never skipped a beat. He took over cooking duties several evenings each week, folds laundry and fills in wherever needed. Despite his long workday, he also ensures that he spends time with our kids. In my eyes, he’s the perfect husband and father. So imagine my surprise when he recently shared with me that, at times, he feels like he’s not doing good enough. I have faced my own insecurities as a mother, so I could relate to the thoughts my husband was struggling with.

My family is constantly reminding me what a great job I’m doing as a mom. Sometimes it’s through words, small gifts or crafts my kids create for me. I believe that it’s important for all parents to be reminded that they’re doing a great job, and that includes dad. With the help of Minute Maid, my daughter reversed the traditional care package to show my husband how much he’s appreciated. Watch Minute Maid’s latest video to learn how a reverse care package is a great way to remind moms and dads that they’re #doingood!

My daughter wanted to put together a care package that included some of my husband’s favorite things. She was inspired by his love for grilling and being outdoors. She used a metal ice tub to hold a grilling utensil set, a grilling apron, BBQ sauce, a washer toss game set and Minute Maid Sparkling juice drinks.

My husband enjoyed his care package and quickly set up the washer toss game he was gifted. Seeing the smile on his face while he read the note my daughter gave him was priceless. He knew right then and there that he was in fact, #doingood.

We’ve had some great weather the past couple of weeks, so I also put together a refreshing drink for my husband and kids to enjoy while grilling. Check out the easy and delicious details below!

Fruit Punch Lemonade Ice Cooler


1, 16.9 oz bottle of Minute Maid Sparkling Fruit Punch
1 lime
Lemonade Ice Pops-
1, 16.9 oz bottle of Minute Maid Sparkling Fizzy Lemonade
1 cup of pineapple chunks


1. Fill small disposable paper cups two-thirds of the way with Minute Maid Sparkling Fizzy Lemonade.
2. Add a spoonful of pineapple chunks to each cup and cover with plastic wrap.
3. Cut a small slit in the center of each plastic wrap and add a popsicle stick.
4. Once the pops are frozen, peel off the paper cup from one of the pops and place it in a glass cup.
5. Pour a cold bottle of Minute Maid Sparkling Fruit Punch into the glass and add a couple of slices of lime. Garnish with additional pineapple if desired.

The pops are great on their own and reminded me of a limber which is a Puerto Rican ice made with fruit juice.

The lemonade ice pop, fresh fruits and sparkling fruit punch, makes this the perfect drink for summer and beyond!

I encourage you to visit to find more inspiration on how to remind all parents they are #doingood with a Reverse Care Package. Also find out how your family could win a magical Walt Disney World vacation from Minute Maid!

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